Political speech responses-Discuss amongst yourselves

So this is a quick and simple post. I hope to create disscussion with it and actually get some good comments going back and forth from people. So,

The political speech response

Why do we do them?

Who started them?

Do they do anything other than cause bad feelings and arguing?

Are they anything more than bickering and infighting?

Couldn’t we use them for a good purpose instead?

What do you think? Respond below.

I think I’m an online social snob.

So the other day i turned down another facebook friend request. I have to wonder. Am I an online social snob? I know a fair amount of people. Most I don’t really care talking to by voice. I prefer txting them. But when it comes to the web I tend to be more exclusive. It’s not like the person was someone I didn’t know. Although at first I didn’t remember them. Had to ask a mutual friend. Rather I have no urge to just add people. I don’t share my pics with non-friends. And I want to be able to post semi-personal or private things as my status if i want. Not cause it’s anything bad or deeply soul rendering. But I just don’t want to add people to add them, and just cause I know you why should you be privy to my inner thoughts. In fact from time to time I will go through and delete people who don’t comment on my posts, ever have anything interesting to say that I want to post on, or someone who I really never say anything interesting too. Recently I deleted someone who did not respond back to a message thread we had going and than did not ever answer the question I posted on his wall. Mind you he had been on many times since, responded to others so it’s not like he just had not be on FB. I don’t apply that rule to family or old friends. They get a pass. But in this world of casual friendship and friends list full of people you will never met or actually get to know I’m proud to have the reverse. Instead of trying to see how many people I can friend and show how popular I am I hope to never be over 99 friends and am currently not close.

If this is what being an online social snob is like than I’m quite happy to be one.

kanye west, ever the punk. Punk ass bitch. (mobile)

Kanye bitch west vma
Wow, I don’t watch the VMAs and I know why. Cause trendy, self absorbed twits don’t deserve my attention. Last year I watched. For the first time in my life. And I was appalled by Russell Brand. Not because he offended me. Because he was just not funny. Lowest common denominator humor anyone could have spewed. And now this year we see kanye west acting like the punk ass bitch he is. Throwing a fit because the person he wanted to win did not win. I do like some of his music but time after time he shows how spoiled and self absorbed he is. You would think after he sent his mom to a hack plastic surgery Dr and she died he might start too look at his life and choices. NOPE! I hope none of you are actually paying for his music. He does not deserve to get paid for the way he acts. Go online, steal it off the net. Go all 80’s and have a friend burn you a copy anything but give him your money. WHAT A PUNK ASS BITCH!
Here are two great places to go find Kanye West music without paying. Of course I don’t really mean steal. 🙂 You should only download music you have the cd for. Anything else would be morally wrong and horrible. We would never want to not pay for music.
Pirate bay
Iso hunt

Being content is a very good thing. (mobile post)

I’m sitting here in sun enjoying a cold beer after work. I’m clean, for a roughneck. I’m tired, but relaxed. I worked all night and can see the rig from the chair I’m in. I look around at the blue sky, rolling hills and take it all in. And you know what? I’m pretty damn fucking content. Why do people always act like thats a bad thing? Why do we search for excitement in life when we usually find drama. God has blessed me with a great job that I love and that pays my bills. I have a great wife and wonderful kids. And the rest of my family isn’t half bad either. 🙂 I think so often we focus on what we think we should have or the life we think we should lead even though those things are not all that great. Crap ideas put on us by society. I dont think i’m settling. Rather I put forth to you that realizing. Realizing all the wonderful things I do have and it makes me very happy. It makes me very content. What do you see when you look at your life? Hope your view is as good as mine.