Lime green? Bad color, but still great sound.

Wicked Audio Jawbreakers in ear headphones

First off let me say that I did not buy these headphones. I won them from a twitter contest done by Wicked Audio. This does not change my desire to do an honest real review. Just because something is free it does not mean it will be good.

Let’s get the boring tech stuff out-of-the-way.

Manufacture: Wicked Audio


WI-2100 WI-2101 WI-2102 WI-2103

Frequency 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz

impedance 16 ohms

Driver 10mm

Chord Length 4ft./1.2m

That being said almost none of it matters to me. I guess I’m just not that fancy with my audio. I love music. I love to listen to music. I list to music all the time. When reading, driving, working out, cooking, like I said all the time. So what I look for is comfort, sound quality, and functionality in headphones, and of course price.

How do those things break down with these?

1. Comfort-They came with four different sets of rubber pieces to help you find just the right size that will fit your ear just right. This is a really nice feature because the worst thing about headphones can be when they make your ears hurt after you wear them for extended amounts of time. Rating A

2. Sound quality-Like I said I don’t really know what all those stats up above mean. But what I do know is these sound really good. Deep base, clear treble. Some times cheap headphones sound horrible and can make you not even want to listen to music. That is not the case with these. Do they sound as good as my over the ear headphones from SkullCandy? Actually yes, and they are small, portable, cheaper and fit with a beanie or snowboarding helmet. The sound that comes out of them really blows me away. Rating A+

3. Functionalty-They fit, the cord is long enough, they make sound. This is a pretty easy category. Rating A

4. Price-Google these and you get a price range from $4-$10. What a great deal. I honestly rate them as A in all ways and then the price comes in low which is so awesome.

What do I say in the end of this review? It is a great set of headphones. I’m really lucky to have won them and would be happy to buy them. - Pin-Up Punk Rock and Goth Girls
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Android App Review: Calorie Counter by Fatsecret

Retro Video Game Cupcake Tower

Image by clevercupcakes via Flickr

Calorie counters. There are a lot out there. I guess I got lucky. Because my first installed app is one I love. Since than I have tried a few others for giggles but none compare. I really had to weigh all the apps on my phone and really decide what one to do my second review on. I picked this one because it works great, links up online which always means easier management and it has many cool features.

What do I like the most? It’s database. It is huge. From general items to specific items you can search for them or you can use the bar code scanner. If by chance you can’t  find what you are looking for or you don’t agree with the nutritional information that it comes up with you can even make your own entry to the database. This means that if you have  a favorite family dish that you like to make you can add it in. For those of us cooking at home, watching our calories and intake and taking the time to prepare it yourself this in an invaluable tool.

I have tried other counter apps and they tend to be too complicated or too simple. Another thing that makes this so great is the fact that it is really easy to adjust the portion size to how much you ate. From recommended portion sizes to custom amounts by ounce.

Yet another great feature is the fact that if you want you can track your exercise along with it see how that matches up with your calorie intake. This is very useful in having a good picture of how you are doing overall.

In the end I would highly recommend this app. It is free, works great and has no real draw backs. Hard to beat that.

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CardioTrainer by WorkSmart Labs Inc

cardio trainer
First off let’s line out the basics.
What do we all want to know?
Cost-basic is free, with the ability to upgrade to a full trainer mode as well as a race mode
Add-ons-Move your bot game, and Race yourself and a calorie tracker.
Facebook compatible Yes, status posts and profile box
Twitter compatible-Yep, that too.

What does it do? Well it basically tracks your workouts. It uses both GPS and a pedometer so for those of you always running down your battery you can save it if you need to. It also calculates your calorie burn and lets you enter your weight to keep it accurate. The map feature is really great. I really enjoy being able to see where I have gone and share it with others.

Another good feature is music integration. It will start automatically if you choose or you can turn it on when you start the workout.

It also connects with google health as well as Facebook and twitter so no matter what social network you like it will do it. Unless you still use myspace but then if you do you probably don’t have a smart phone either. Cause that is so 2000.

They are constantly updating the app and making it work better. That is always a plus. They recently updated it to work with a blue tooth heart monitor. This is really neat. I don’t have the money to buy the monitor, and so will have to stick with using the one I have that feeds to my watch but that is a great feature.

I don’t use the add-ons. For counting calories their system is to basic and I don’t care for it. I use Calorie Counter instead. And the other add-ons are more to kinda take up time and I don’t have enough of that as it is.

Overall I would rate this app 4/5 droids. If the calorie counter was as good as the one I use it would be 5 for sure.

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The Android Apps I Use

I plan to write in-depth reviews of each app I use but first off I wanted to get a list out. This list of the apps I really do have installed. Apps I use and like.
I’m kinda geeky, like to workout and don’t play many games. I’m also cheap and really like free apps so the list reflects that.

So without further ado,

1. Calorie counter-fatsecret
2. Facebook for android-facebook
3. craigslist-notification
4. cardiotrainer-worksmart labs
5. Taskiller free-axdroid llc
6. foursquare-foursquare
7. google sky map-google
8. Pacific wings-sparkelsoft
9. Pandora radio-pandora
10. Hungry shark free-future games of london
11. twidroyd for twitter-twitter clients
12. weatherbug-weatherbug mobile
13. abduction-psym mobile
14. Ebuddy messenger-ebuddy
15. Mileage-evan charlton
16. two touch timer free-andrexx
17. Gdocs-wildart
18. dolphin brower-dolphin browser
19. Flashlight-flash-the brain
20. various soundboards-neatofun
21. Star Wars lightsaber-eder rueda fernandes
22. Battery status pro-seaiaconsulting

I plan to review each of these in the order I use them and like them. They all serve a good purpose for me, even if that purpose is simply entertainment.

Thanx and stay tuned.
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