1st Contest rules and tips

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We are so happy to bring you an expansion to our contest. Now there will be two winners chosen randomly from everyone

who follows and RTs. It is that simple. You just follow us at @curmudgeonsdeal and our new partner at @RadiLtdClothing, than RT our contest entry tweet so help spread the word. Once I (www.CURMUDGEONSDEAL.com) reach 1000 followers we will pick one winner for the firefighter wind chime.

And the  second winner will win the t-shirt of their choice from our new cross-promotion partner. (http://radiationlimitedclothing.com/main.html)

They have some really amazing looking shirts and I’m really excited to add them. Best of all? After this contest is over we will be doing another one!!! Yep, this is just the first of many we hope to do.

So, just to recap. You don’t have to do very much.

1. Follow @curmudgeonsdeal and @RadiLtdClothing.

2. RT our contest tweet

That is it. You can always make your own tweets to help spread the word because once we reach our follower goal of 1000 for this first giveaway we pick our winners.

For those of you who may be curious I am planning on using http://www.RANDOM.org to make sure the two winners are truly random and then we will verify that they followed both people and did RT the contest tweet.

Any questions please ask us, here or on twitter. GOOD LUCK!

Punk Curmudgeon
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Would you rather have the ability to fly, or the ability to breathe underwater?

I would rather fly because you could fly through the water, up to breath and back down.

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What’s the origin of your name?

I’m pretty punk, and I’m pretty Curmudgeonly. After hearing @_mcchris use curmudgeon in a rap years ago I was hooked

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What’s your dream car?

No contest it is the bugatti veyron ss. It was review by BBC Top Gear and is amazing!!!

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What video game have you played the most?

lately StarWars Force Unleashed on the Wii, it is awesome! FORCE BLAST!

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Would you rather swim in a pool or the ocean?

I would much rather snorkel in the ocean. We did on our honeymoon in Bahamas it was amazing!

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What household chore do you hate to do the most?

I don’t really mind any. I put in headphones, listen to music and rock it out.

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If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

something cool like Homer in Simpsons when he becomes Max Powers

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Have you broken any bones? If so, how?

I have broken most of my ribs and my collar bone along with 6 out of 10 fingers

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How many countries have you traveled to?

sigh, i have only been to 4 countries. I would like to travel to more.

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