If you could teleport to any place right now, where would you go?

Back to the Bahamas with my wife. So nice there, and the people were so friendly.

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what would Darth Vader be like if he was Asmulated into the BORG?

That is a good one, I bet he could function without the helmet, or it would have a cool laser!

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Which is better, The Deathstar or the BORG ship?

Borg ship, it has a better built VS blown up ratio

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which is better, lightsaber or phaser?

clearly the lightsaber, just try to cut through a wall with a phaser. Force throw a phaser, it just does not have the same effect.

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Where’s the most embarrassing place your cell phone has ever gone off?

I have no shame. It does not embarrass me

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New bag arrived, time to test than review.

I’m pretty excited. I got my new bag from Slappa.com today. It is the Bulkhead 4 in 1 bag. This bag is being discontinued because it was a very early design. Or so I am guessing. It was on sale for $19.99. What an amazing price. That was $50 off list price and they even did free shipping. Pretty awesome.

Right out of the box I’m really impressed. Sturdy, durable, tough. It screams high quality. I transferred all my stuff over from my previous travel bag and a going to really put her through the wringer. I’m betting it does really well.

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