TOO many ideas and not enough time!

Flag of Tibet

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I have so many things I want to blog about. Here is the quick list.

  1. Egypt and their revolution
  2. The groupon Tibet Superbowl ad
  3. Aol buying the Huffington post. Sold out to a corporation. So much for caring about their stories.
  4. Chase pulling the plug on their program to let people in the military suspend student loan payments
  5. If the cyber crack down in Egypt was really the fault of an American company who sold the spy software that helped make it possible
  6. I would love to write a blog on Anderson Silva and how amazing a fighter he is, the possible super fight between him and GSP George Saint-Pierre! and of course the involvement of Steven Segal in MMA yeah, WTF!

The problem I run into is I just don’t have enough time for a full blog. So I’m pumping my ideas out where, in hopes that I don’t lose them, and can come back to them and complete them.

Wish me luck.

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Punk Rock Pinup Girls


  1. I personally thought both Groupon adds were hilarious. Having actually purchased from them before it made it even that more funny to me. The Tibet one when it first came on made me do the eye roll thing and think ” OMG another pity commercial” then yeah totally changed path and IMO was good. We as a whole take things WAY too serious in America and need to stop acting like a bunch of pissy tweens after we found out our favorite band member just got married.

    • I thought the same thing when it came on. The twist to it made me smile. Some times we just need to relax and laugh.

  2. Oh and don’t forget to add in there that Chase was found guilty of committing thousands of acts of fraud against active duty military members……thats a good topic too!!

    • yeah it seems Chase has been doing a lot of wrong lately. Not cool.

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