Bruno, great follow up to Borat or epic waste of time?

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Let me get to the point right away. EPIC WASTE OF TIME. Not because I’m offended by it or I expected a classy movie and it was a let down. But because it was just NOT funny. One time in the entire thing I laughed out loud. At the straight mike mma fight. Other than that it was ridiculous. He took the concept of Borat and tried too hard. It is not cause its so gay, or cause you see his dick. It is just not funny. Being crass and ridiculous is not funny. It was so over the top it was annoying and pointless. Had he toned it down made it believable despite being so far fetched like Borat was it could have been great. But just like his VMA stunt with Eminem it was a let down. Had the stunt and Em‘s reaction been real, funny. Staged and planned? Not funny at all. The element of believability was what made Borat so good. The movie is a huge waste of time. In fact like I said so much so it’s an epic waster of time. I watched the entire thing for two reasons. One I was literally had nothing else to do but stare at a wall and two I wanted to see it through so my review was fair. Don’t bother. Don’t waste your time or money. Did you like it? I can’t imagine so but if you did please comment in the blog and tell me why. I’d really like to know


  1. Hm… haven’t seen Bruno. But I watched about 15 minutes of Borat and turned it off. I just thought it was stupid. Really disrespectful with no redeeming value. Now, I can handle comedic disrespect, I think, rather well. It was just too much.

    • I can understand why someone would not like Borat. I loved it. Laughed my ass off. The comedy of fooling people who thought it was real was great. My wife thought it was ok. With the second film though it goes so over the top , so beyond reality that it goes into just plain sillyness. The absurdity is on such a level that I just don’t see how anyone could like it and it could not have possibly been remotely believable to people watching it. That candid camera fooling peopling touch was what made Borat so funny. This was a horroible follow up.

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