Life, Love and everything in between

Life sucks. It’s hard. Relationships are hard. Marriage is hard. So very hard. No greater challenge can face a person than taking two lives and making one out of them.

So how do we know when we are right, wrong, or out of line? What measuring stick do we use to decide what we put up with and what is too much?

In every relationship only the people in it can make truly weigh what is happening and make the “tough” decisions. But what they think and do is affected by what they think, or the influences in their lives.

Answer one, or all of these questions. Tell me what you think, start discussion. Don’t just read this and than click away. Be part of it.


  1. I believe that only the individual can figure out when enough is enough. Who is to say what is truly enough, some people run from the slightest bit of commitment while others stay till they die at the hands of someone who said they loved them. I feel that if you are giving up who you are to become something you don’t agree with to make someone else happy…….you have crossed that line and should take a step back. If they truly love you then they will love you for you, not some preconceived notion they had when they were a child playing dress up.

    • So how do we build on that idea of not losing ourselves and bring it all together? There may be no real answer to that question. Or at least not one that can be applied to everyone. What works for one person so often does not work for another person.

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