Political speech responses-Discuss amongst yourselves

So this is a quick and simple post. I hope to create disscussion with it and actually get some good comments going back and forth from people. So,

The political speech response

Why do we do them?

Who started them?

Do they do anything other than cause bad feelings and arguing?

Are they anything more than bickering and infighting?

Couldn’t we use them for a good purpose instead?

What do you think? Respond below.


  1. This post is really much more useful for the people who believe that these days if we have to go with the contemporary era then knowledge is the most important piller in each and every area. So this post gives us so many knowledge and we people are very thankful to you for providing us this useful post.

    • Knowledge is what can never be taken away. Freedom, your rights, your money, those things can be taken from you. But once you have knowledge it is always yours. A bit cheesy but very true.

  2. I feel that we should not even do a response. They seem to be nothing but bickering and trying to tear the other down. When we claim we want to be above reproach, and stop partisan politics that we must stop doing a hateful response after such things as the state of the union and things like it. No the political stump speech? That is completely different.
    What are your thoughts?

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