I admit I just might be wrong about kimbo slice

kimbo slice
I have not liked kimbo slice. I felt he was a hack. Sure he is tough. He can punch. Damn can he. I’m sure he is the toughtest mother fucker at a bbq. But thats not mma.

I watched his youtube fights. Not MMA.

I watched him fight tank abbot. Have you seen tank abbot? Techinally MMA. He is old, and fat and old. Even good in shape fighters can’t keep up when they get old.

The next guy he fought was not even worth learning his name. You could see it as soon as he stepped into the ring. Kimbo would win. He had a cauliflower ear the size of an actual cauliflower. Sure as shit eventually Kimbo landed a punch right on it and it exploded. But everyone said he was losing the fight on points up till that point.

I watched his fight with Seth Petricelli. He got knocked out. Not a kinda sort, but it was clearly a knock out. Right off the bat. So know we have to wonder if he has a weak chin. It was MMA, short but MMA.

And so comes tonight’s fight on the ultimate fighter. Big Kimbo Slice and fat dumb Roy Nelson. I watched the IFL it was not every impressive. In the last year a large portion of the guys who fought there have tested positive for steroids. Now clearly Nelson is not using the juice. That fat twit probably has not seen his dick in years and I know he cant actually reach around to shot up with roids. However it does say a lot about the quality of the fighters.

But as I have watched Kimbo on the show I’m starting to change my mind. He is not full of him self. He admits he has a lot to learn. It looks like he took those fights not cause he thought he was so amazing but because it was easy money. How dumb would you be not take them. Fighting in shipyards probably did not pay even a tenth of the Abbot fight. He really seems like a nice guy, tryin to learn and become a real MMA fighter.

So like I said the fight tonight. Kimbo lost. And it was a loss. But it was a weak win as well. Standing up Kimbo had the upper hand. He actually did defend a take down and was landing strikes. But Nelson managed to get him down and lay his huge fat belly on top of him. Clearly Kimbo just did not yet have the skill to know what do to. He was taking shots to his big bald dome. But know fuck up your face shots like Lesner leveled on wussy Mir but to quote Dana White like your daughter is laying on top of you hitting you. Weak as shit. But Kimbo was doing nothing and so they had no choice but to stop it.

I think that with more training maybe Kimbo could become a real fighter. So know I’m looking to see him keep training and if someone gets hurt or drops out he can get the chance to fight again. I’ve changed my mind. Not that I think he is the next big thing. But I don’t think he is a hack. He is a guy with a hella hard punch who is trying to become a real MMA fighter and not just the toughest guy at the bbq.