President Obama’s Healthcare Speech. (Before)

Tonight I plan on watch President Obama’s speech on health-care. Now those of you who know me can properly guess that I did not vote for him. I voted for McCain but don’t really care for him either. I just found him to be the lesser of three evils. I have some thoughts on the whole third party idea that I plan on sharing later this week in a blog as well a quoting an amazing section from the book “days of war nights of love” to you all.

But now back on topic, I am curious to hear what he has to say. I will not be watching it live because my kids to stuff at church to do and I will be taking them so I plan on watching it, writing the after part of this blog and than maybe I will look up some sites and see what people say. I tend to stay away from the big sites or shows because conservative ones tend to be over board with their harsh talk and liberal show are of course the opposite. Anything he says is considered perfect and wonderful. That too is another blog topic that is coming. Why is it that because Obama is a black man he is a God? First black president, yes that is historical, but however that fact alone does not make him a good president. Only time will show that.

But I’m curious if any of you out there plan on watching, or do you plan on not watching on purpose or do you just not really care either way.


  1. He’s not god because he’s black. It’s a combination of the fact that he is a charismatic leader, that he became popular for a variety of reasons (Bush was so terrible, our country had lost face with using torture, etc., the war was unpopular) and we were ready for someone that could make us feel good about where our country was going again. He’s a positive person, and a powerful leader… and people respond to that.

    I think that unfortunately healthcare has become entirely too politicized, and the Republican party has lost so much ground in the last few years that they have to do things like run smear campaigns about what Obama is trying to do to reform health care. Something has to be done to provide healthcare for the millions of americans with no coverage. It’s sad that the republican party can’t work with the dems to come up with a good solution. And if the tables were turned, the reps had power, it would be equally as disgraceful for elected dems to refuse to work across the isle.

    I don’t know… I’m watching the address right now. I think he made some concessions to the reps (i.e. see John McCain’s thumbs up when watching the speech… it’s sweet), but I seriously doubt that they’ll put the good of our citizens above being a politician and getting reelected. I’m neither a democrat nor a republican, and like i said, if the shoe was on the other foot the dems would probably do the same thing. Unfortunately.

    • Oh, and PS: would someone please tell Hillary Clinton to stop wearing bright colored pant suits?!?!

      • you sure that is all Hillary needs to be told to stop doing? 🙂

    • well save those starter thoughts for a few days and we will come back to them. 🙂 The idea that one party is better than the other I would agree is baseless. Both of them are cheating lieing bastardos who it is very doubtful can be trusted. I’m not sure what the solution is either. Do all politicians start out jaded and corrupt or do they just become that way after elected?

    • and i would put to you that an awful lot of things happened under bush that were not his fault. As a society we have been becoming more and more moral-less, willing to break laws, and lie to get what we want. The biggest part for our collapse as an economy and especially in the area of banks and credit was the horrible way people did business. Had they been honest and upstanding we would not have had as many problems. We tell people they do not need to worry about responsibility, stop teaching them economics and telling them they are doing things wrong. We tell them to just do whatever makes them feel good. And than we wonder why things are so fucked up? While that has a lot to do with it.

      • I think a lot of shitty things happen to all presidencies, so I agree that things happened that weren’t his fault. Although, I will say that Bush’s top agenda item when he took office was dealing with Iraq. And this was pre-9/11…. I find that disturbing. We should have been in Afghanistan the whole time instead of taking down fucking Hussein. I mean, Hussein was insane, but he certainly didn’t bomb the WTC or Pentagon.

        The economy is a hard thing… I mean, the study of economics is just a difficult field. If you have time, check out Paul Krugman’s article in last Sunday’s New York Time’s magazine. It’s his opinion about what happened to the economy, and how everyone (the analysts, the gov’t, academics, etc) got it wrong. I also kind of have this uneducated belief (and I say uneducated because I don’t know a hell of a lot about economics) that it’s just impossible for an economy to grow unconditionally. But I also agree that people acted selfishly in the markets, which led to this massive decline. I really don’t think that the “free market” works… Maybe in a smaller, less global economy.

      • I think the free market works great. But you have to have morals. That is key. This idea that we do whatever we want but pay good lip service to being a good person does not work very well. The oposite of a free economy does not work all that. Everyone and their mother still wants to come here so what does that say?

      • People are greedy, and it’s unrealistic to think that they will ever be anything other than greedy little rats trying to get the most they can out of this life.

        Incidentally, a lot of people are blaming the Clinton era deregulation of the economy for the current economic crisis we’re seeing.

        Oh, i just listened to that Clinton book on cd while I was in the car. It was way better than reading it.

      • PS: I suggest reading Bill Clinton’s autobiography, “My Life.” It’s a good read, and he had some really interesting opinions about the republican agenda and also his meetings with Bush as he was coming into the presidency.

      • I already tried to read one bash Bush book. I’m over it. I was making an attempt to be open minded and all I did was waste time I could have been reading a good book. I have no interest in reading a book by that man. Even free from the library.

  2. OBama!! WOOo! ObamA!!! …… ok, sorry, thats not me saying that I think he is awesome, I didnt even vote. Just quoting South Park. ;P

    Look forward to reading what you have to say.

    • I doubt I can come up with anything as good to say as south park but I’m willing to try 🙂 Look forward to your thoughts to man.

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