I admit I just might be wrong about kimbo slice

kimbo slice
I have not liked kimbo slice. I felt he was a hack. Sure he is tough. He can punch. Damn can he. I’m sure he is the toughtest mother fucker at a bbq. But thats not mma.

I watched his youtube fights. Not MMA.

I watched him fight tank abbot. Have you seen tank abbot? Techinally MMA. He is old, and fat and old. Even good in shape fighters can’t keep up when they get old.

The next guy he fought was not even worth learning his name. You could see it as soon as he stepped into the ring. Kimbo would win. He had a cauliflower ear the size of an actual cauliflower. Sure as shit eventually Kimbo landed a punch right on it and it exploded. But everyone said he was losing the fight on points up till that point.

I watched his fight with Seth Petricelli. He got knocked out. Not a kinda sort, but it was clearly a knock out. Right off the bat. So know we have to wonder if he has a weak chin. It was MMA, short but MMA.

And so comes tonight’s fight on the ultimate fighter. Big Kimbo Slice and fat dumb Roy Nelson. I watched the IFL it was not every impressive. In the last year a large portion of the guys who fought there have tested positive for steroids. Now clearly Nelson is not using the juice. That fat twit probably has not seen his dick in years and I know he cant actually reach around to shot up with roids. However it does say a lot about the quality of the fighters.

But as I have watched Kimbo on the show I’m starting to change my mind. He is not full of him self. He admits he has a lot to learn. It looks like he took those fights not cause he thought he was so amazing but because it was easy money. How dumb would you be not take them. Fighting in shipyards probably did not pay even a tenth of the Abbot fight. He really seems like a nice guy, tryin to learn and become a real MMA fighter.

So like I said the fight tonight. Kimbo lost. And it was a loss. But it was a weak win as well. Standing up Kimbo had the upper hand. He actually did defend a take down and was landing strikes. But Nelson managed to get him down and lay his huge fat belly on top of him. Clearly Kimbo just did not yet have the skill to know what do to. He was taking shots to his big bald dome. But know fuck up your face shots like Lesner leveled on wussy Mir but to quote Dana White like your daughter is laying on top of you hitting you. Weak as shit. But Kimbo was doing nothing and so they had no choice but to stop it.

I think that with more training maybe Kimbo could become a real fighter. So know I’m looking to see him keep training and if someone gets hurt or drops out he can get the chance to fight again. I’ve changed my mind. Not that I think he is the next big thing. But I don’t think he is a hack. He is a guy with a hella hard punch who is trying to become a real MMA fighter and not just the toughest guy at the bbq.

obama health care speech

obama health care speech
Sigh, just kidding. It was so long and so frustrating for me that I quit. It’s not even worth doing. A shit ton of promises that all sound great but no explanation as to how it will all happen. I’m not even sure I give a fuck any more. Oh and all politicians pretty much suck and just try to fuck us and the other side. It’s called the endless campaign. They all do it and until it stops we are all screwed. It is the only thing that Scott McClellan got right in his book What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception. which is a horribly slow and boring book I dont actually suggest it. Maybe on tape to fall asleep to.
Oh well, thats the gist of it so bugger off if you don’t like it.

Michael Vick-Debts are paid or they never will be

micheal vick
So he is out of prison. Signed by the Eagles and back in the NFL. Getting free shoes from Nike. Although they claim not a paid endorser. So shoes don’t cost money? They give him free shoes so people can see their logo on his feet. If it looks like an endorsement and it sounds like an endorsement than it must be an endorsement right?

So my question is for you is what is his debt.
Some people will say was the jail sentence and that it is paid.

I think he has a bigger debt than that.
In fact I do not believe that he should never be put on tv or on a pedestal for our youth to look up to. Dog fighting is one of the most disgusting and sickening crimes that a person can possible be convicted of. It is deplorable. And by hiring him a team is saying they are willing to over look what he did. I know we say that a person deserves a second chance and it is unfair to continue to punish them after they serve their punishment for what they did wrong. But I think that for this crime and some others there is no way to ever repay your debt. Would we let a child molesting nfl player play again? What about one that commits murder? How about a wife beater? Where do we draw the line? Is it ok to fight dogs as long as you say your sorry?

While I think we draw the line on the other side of dog fighting. We take a stand. We tell the Eagles, we tell Nike, we tell everyone we know that this is not ok. Shout it out. And don’t forget in a week, or a month or anytime until they change their minds!!!!!

kanye west, ever the punk. Punk ass bitch. (mobile)

Kanye bitch west vma
Wow, I don’t watch the VMAs and I know why. Cause trendy, self absorbed twits don’t deserve my attention. Last year I watched. For the first time in my life. And I was appalled by Russell Brand. Not because he offended me. Because he was just not funny. Lowest common denominator humor anyone could have spewed. And now this year we see kanye west acting like the punk ass bitch he is. Throwing a fit because the person he wanted to win did not win. I do like some of his music but time after time he shows how spoiled and self absorbed he is. You would think after he sent his mom to a hack plastic surgery Dr and she died he might start too look at his life and choices. NOPE! I hope none of you are actually paying for his music. He does not deserve to get paid for the way he acts. Go online, steal it off the net. Go all 80’s and have a friend burn you a copy anything but give him your money. WHAT A PUNK ASS BITCH!
Here are two great places to go find Kanye West music without paying. Of course I don’t really mean steal. 🙂 You should only download music you have the cd for. Anything else would be morally wrong and horrible. We would never want to not pay for music.
Pirate bay
Iso hunt

President Obama’s Healthcare Speech. (Before)

Tonight I plan on watch President Obama’s speech on health-care. Now those of you who know me can properly guess that I did not vote for him. I voted for McCain but don’t really care for him either. I just found him to be the lesser of three evils. I have some thoughts on the whole third party idea that I plan on sharing later this week in a blog as well a quoting an amazing section from the book “days of war nights of love” to you all.

But now back on topic, I am curious to hear what he has to say. I will not be watching it live because my kids to stuff at church to do and I will be taking them so I plan on watching it, writing the after part of this blog and than maybe I will look up some sites and see what people say. I tend to stay away from the big sites or shows because conservative ones tend to be over board with their harsh talk and liberal show are of course the opposite. Anything he says is considered perfect and wonderful. That too is another blog topic that is coming. Why is it that because Obama is a black man he is a God? First black president, yes that is historical, but however that fact alone does not make him a good president. Only time will show that.

But I’m curious if any of you out there plan on watching, or do you plan on not watching on purpose or do you just not really care either way.

Being content is a very good thing. (mobile post)

I’m sitting here in sun enjoying a cold beer after work. I’m clean, for a roughneck. I’m tired, but relaxed. I worked all night and can see the rig from the chair I’m in. I look around at the blue sky, rolling hills and take it all in. And you know what? I’m pretty damn fucking content. Why do people always act like thats a bad thing? Why do we search for excitement in life when we usually find drama. God has blessed me with a great job that I love and that pays my bills. I have a great wife and wonderful kids. And the rest of my family isn’t half bad either. 🙂 I think so often we focus on what we think we should have or the life we think we should lead even though those things are not all that great. Crap ideas put on us by society. I dont think i’m settling. Rather I put forth to you that realizing. Realizing all the wonderful things I do have and it makes me very happy. It makes me very content. What do you see when you look at your life? Hope your view is as good as mine.

The things we do in life (mobile)

I love my job. I’m a derrickhand on a drilling rig. I love my family. I have a wonderful wife who treats me great. Three awesome kids who make me very proud. I’ve always found it easy to leave for work. Not because I want to leave. But because i accept it. I suppose it helps that I really love my job. It makes me happy. I get to come to work, swing sledge hammers, yell, and in general be a guy. That I get to go home and be all domesticated. I miss my wife. I miss my kids. But at the same time when home I miss my job too. So what I want to know is what about everyone else? Am I abnormal or just more accepting of what life demands? Third party, roughneck, whatever.