who what when were?

Well this will be round 3 for my blog. I started once on wordpress before. Than combined with a friend and deleted my original blog. That was a mistake cause now I wish I had it back. Tragedy struck and the 2nd blog was erased off the server. Everything was lost included all the blogs I had worked hard on. I’m starting again. About to head off to work on the oil rig I work on. Soon I will be adding a friend of mine on here as well to try and give some variety. Stick around, I promise it gets better than this.


  1. Hey Seth,

    The only steam punk – goth – oil field hand I know. Probably got those words wrong, just learned what sic was 🙂

    Should be a sarcastic edgy blog

    • lol thanx buddy. You know if you ever feel like pushing your own views out on the world I would love to have you join me on here 🙂

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